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Paperless Gift Cards.  Use this gift card to book a tour, rent a bicycle, and buy merchandise.   You may keep it for yourself or share it as a gift.  Once you buty the care you are a few clicks away from a fun bike experience or your favorite piece of bike culture apparel.  


What happens after yout buy a gift card?

1) You will receive a code to use the gift card.  If you purchased it in store with one of our community partners you will get a code in store.  If you purchase online the code will be emailed to you.

2) Shop.

  - For Merchandice.  Visit Bikeand BrunchTours/shop .  Select the items of your choice.  At checck out. enter your coupon code. Apply the amount of each card to your cart. Tour prices are $40 and up.

- For Tours. Visit Bikeand BrunchTours/bike-tours.  Select the tour of your choice.  Yoru gift card is good for all standard tours in all cities. At checkout enter your coupon code (located in the upper left corde of the screen. Tours are available on weekeds and some weekdays.  Apply the  amount of each card to a tour.  Tour prices are  $40 and up.  


How do I send it as a gift?

No postage or waiting for shipping with this gift.  Simply email the lucky person the instructions above and the gift card code.  Have quetions? 
Email us,


Where may I use my gift card?

This gift card is good for bike tours in Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, and Charlotte, NC. 


Gift cards eliminate the need to use a credit card.  After you purchase your gift card you will receive a gift card number.  When you ar eready to tour visit the our website, click tours,  select the tour date of your prefernce, and register by entering your gift card number.   


Book your tour at least 48 hours in advance to ensure the day and time of your choice is available.  Good for dates during the tour season (April - October).  Good for merchandise yearround.  Buy one for yourself or that special person. 


Gift Card (Paperless)

    • Non-refundable.  

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