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who we are

We are bike-friendly and community-conscientious food lovers. 

Our guides are friends to the community, and beneficiaries of its rich legacy.  Whether through our tours, pop-up rides, or

community engagement we strive to share the history

and the culture of these communities.  The

neighborhoods are not only the soul of the city

but are also, under-recognized incubators for the

intellectual and artistic genius of our nation.  

These geniuses include legal, musical, advocacy,

and faith icons.


We plan fun, informative, and eye-opening

rides that serve as a beacon to the

culture, history, and legacy 

that lie at the city's core.

We are proudly a Black-owned

business and woman-owned



our GUESTsAll who enjoy pedal pushing on two wheels are welcome.  We only ask that you love and respect our community, come with an open mind and a belly ready for brunch.

toursWe bike, brunch, and now we also walk!   Find Bike and Brunch Tours offer in Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, and Charlotte, NC.


brunchIntroverts and ambiverts are you out there? We are here for you. Do you prefer a small brunch with friends, connections, good conversation, and great food?

Fun Cycle



 WHAT. Explore hidden gems and favorite destinations from murals, public art, monuments, history, and the stories behind them. 


IT'S THE JOY FOR US. Here for joy? So are we! Hear of the uplift, innovation, and legacies that live on today that continue to shape cultures and communities locally and nationally.


SPECIAL GUESTS. On a lucky day, you may get a first-hand account from guest appearances by artists community members, and those shaping the business and cultural community today.


HOW. Guides weave a thread through content to link the past, present, and future to share the stories behind them.  This includes their unique connection to the city, spaces, and to those who paved the way.


NEW! Mentioning threads and weaving!  Walking tours offer the chance to shop and taste the newest and most quickly evolving districts for Black and women-owned businesses in the city.  These new tours are offered in Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, VA.  They offer a taste of what makes these places special and incentives to shop along the way. 


WHEN DO WE EAT? If you choose the bike tour, your reward awaits at the end - in the form of brunch.  After a fun ride that feeds, you would enjoy a brunch that feeds your belly.


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